"Wormwood Star Absinthe", Product Description, Definition.
"Absinthe is historically described as a distilled, highly alcoholic (45%–74% ABV) beverage. It is an anise-flavored spirit derived from herbs, including the flowers and leaves of the herb Artemisia absinthium, commonly referred to as "grande wormwood". Absinthe traditionally has a natural green color but can also be colorless. It is commonly referred to in historical literature as "la fée verte" (the Green Fairy)".
Unlike most other absinthes, "Wormwood Star Absinthe", is glass distilled, meaning that, the apparatus used to distill the absinthe mash in, is made from Pyrex glass, rather than the traditionally used copper pot distillation method. Although copper pot distilled Absinthe is perfectly safe to drink, we wanted to even eliminate the idea of  the possibility of infusing harmful poisons into the distillate altogether. Copper actually is conducive for distillation in that it removes trace sulfur compounds out of the distillate, resulting in a much smoother tasting product, so we do utilize a small, pure, unsoldered, copper filter located inside the distillation flask in order to absorb those unwanted elements.
Our ingredients are, and always will be, 100% certified Organic for our mash production batches. In the final step in making our absinthe, we utilize colors obtained from the very same 100% certified Organic herbs that is used in the mash production batch. There are NO artificial colors or flavors used in any part of production of "Wormwood Star Absinthe". We also only use distilled water in the making of our absinthe so we may avoid introducing any dissolved solids into our production batches. "Wormwood Star Absinthe" ingredients are as follows: Grand Wormwood, Green Anise, Sweet Fennel, Hyssop, Lemon Balm, Star Anise, Angelica, Liquorice, and Pure Mint. Our finished product is a 70% ABV beverage. "Wormwood Star Absinthe" has been experienced by select friend based circles at functions where there was also mixed company. Initial intrigue was driven by the emerald green color of our pure distillate. Secondly, the beautiful loush we have perfected into our Absinthe, and finally, our color retention and aroma - once cool water has been added. Typically, a person will taste the sweetness of the fennel and anise, followed by the bite of the wormwood, angelica and hyssop. The finish is typically fashioned after the mint, and lemon balm. The taste of our absinthe has been described overall as,"Classical".
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